Born Atlanta, Georgia, 1962. Residence in London since 2000.


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2003 - Bill Maynes Gallery, New York
2001 - "9 Paintings, 100 Drawings, 3 Figures, 273 Storyboards,"
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2000 - Rockefeller Foundation Residency at the Bellagio Study Center, Bellagio, Italy, Spring
- Tanne' Foundation, Grant Award, Boston, MA
1998 - Camargo Foundation Fellowship, Fall
1994 - Southern Arts Federation/National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship
1993 - Georgia Council for the Arts, Individual Artist's Grant
- Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Atlanta Individual Artist's Grant
- Fulton County Arts Council, Individual Artist's Grant


Metropolitan Museum of Art
Public collections: The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta, GA


1991 - M.S.W. University of Georgia School of Social Work
1985 - B.F.A. Atlanta College of Art
1983-4 - New York Studio School